Friday, 23 April 2010

The power of word of mouth advertising...

Last week, I had an email in my inbox from Photobox. It was advertising their classic A4 photo book, and after saying they had 1000 reasons to make one, they said 'hang on, 1001 reasons - it's free!" I was given a voucher for a free classic book. I had a week to use it in, so I needed to use existing photos. I first thought of doing a random 'year in the kids' lives' selection of pics, but then had the brainwave of using our holiday snaps from Tenby, Wales. It worked out perfectly that across the 26 pages, I used all my favourite shots, without compromising any. It's great that you can choose your layouts and background colours on each page, so if you want to go for one picture or six, full bleed or with borders, you're in control. It also marks each shot from your album that you've used with a check, so you can instantly see if you've missed one or used it twice by mistake. Because mine was free I decided to pay for the upgrade to premium paper, but actually, I'm pretty sure the regular would be just as good as this paper is really thick.

I've wanted to do a scrapbook layout using these shots for ages, I'm so happy to have been able to use them this well in the book. The full bleed looks great, and the print resolution is fantastic.

A friend exclaimed about this page - "It looks just like a book!" I know what she meant though, it really does look fabulous, don't you think?!

So, proving just how powerful word of mouth advertising is, I've shown this to everyone who sits still long enough to shove in their hands, and quite a few have said, "Ooh, I'm going to make one for my folks" or "This is what I can do with all my holiday snaps!" and I reckon Photobox will sell at least three books as a result of me showing off my book. Plus, I really really want another one for myself now!

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Tallulah Belle 23 April 2010 at 20:36  


I used one when I got married and although I didn't want one for myself I did one for both Moms and my Nan and they loved it.

It was a different company but the same thing.

I would love to do one for every vacation we take but I generally take 3 cameras and come back with 1000's of shots so the actual process of sitting down and sorting them all out puts me off.

I should just do one every time we get back but I have so many previous ones I need to do as well.

I hate that all my pics are now on the computer...I used to pick up prints or albums and look at them but never think to so that on the computer.

Maybe you've just spurred me into sorting them all out :-)

dale 24 April 2010 at 03:46  

This is just fabulous and yes, I agree, it is like a real book. :)

I've seen some of these in person and I am quite impressed. It's a great way to get all of those memories together in one place and doesn't seem like it takes the time of scrapbooking or making albums.

Wee Cute Treasures 24 April 2010 at 22:36  

This is great! And it spurred you into action. I still have holiday photos from 4 years ago to go into albums :(

Looks really cool too. Love Carol xoxox

tracie 25 April 2010 at 01:19  

Jo, I love it! How funny I came across this today, because I was thinking this morning that I really need to do a book :) Thanks for the inspiration.

Liberty Biberty 26 April 2010 at 11:37  

Well!! I've never seen anything like that before!
How fantastic!

KoodibooK Buzz 28 April 2010 at 14:01  

Its great that photobooks are becoming more and more popular these days. The photobook market is more pronounced in the US but gradually gaining momentum in the UK.

The vacation idea is great! Most photobook creation websites have some examples that can help if you are undecided. Consider a useful article that might help with photobook creation:

Janine 17 May 2010 at 22:07  

a beautiful album- a family heirloom!!

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