Friday, 28 May 2010

Holly's Pink dress photos

I'm such an idiot! A while back we were having glorious weather, so on the Sunday I took Holly out for her 7th pink dress photos installment. Something funky happened and hardly any of my shots were usable - they were mostly out of focus and really grainy. I took a huge knock to my confidence, but I knew I had to re-shoot pretty quickly if I wanted to include the images on a CD I was sending my mum for Mother's Day, and although I had a long list from my mum about which ones she wanted, the pink dress ones were going to be a surprise. Well, that Monday we went back out after school, and I got what I wanted. I processed them, and was itching to blog about them but couldn't as it would have spoiled the surprise.

Would you guess what happened? I burned the CD, made up the parcel, posted it off to my mum, it took three whole weeks to get to her, and then when it did, there were no pink dress pics on the disc. I forgot to include them!! Doh! What an eejit!

Anyway, I promised my mum I would send her a new disc with them, and wait until I've done Liam's beach chair pics to include with it, but in the meantime I'd blog them. I've put the actual photos on my photography blog (link up top there) and here is a PS composite of what they'll look like in the frame. It's a Colin and Justin frame, from Matalan.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My Room So Far...

Years ago I stumbled across Alicia Paulson's blog. I think everyone I know who makes clothespin dolls credits her with their original design, but her creativity doesn't stop there. She is a wonderfully creative and inspiring person, and when I first saw photos of her studio I fell in love. It is bright, colourful, girly, and beautiful. It has turquoise walls with white trim and pretty florals and touches of red and spring colours thrown together in a way that is simply perfect.
I would love to be able to look at my room one day and feel it was perfect, just like Alicia's studio. It's not there yet, but it's getting close...

My prints finally arrived yesterday, five days after they were supposed to, and I love the photos even more now that they are printed and framed and hanging on my blue wall! My bedding is from Ikea - and the curtain fabric too - my sister gave me the cushion for my birthday a couple of years ago, and yes, it's also from Ikea!

My complete spur-of-the-moment-impulse-buy mirror. I fell in love with it when I first saw it. It was on display in B&Q as an isle-end showcase, with wall paper, chandelier and chest of drawers. They didn't have stock, and each time I went in for other things, I'd find a reason to go and look at the mirror again. It was too expensive, and then when they finally did get stock in, they'd changed the mold and the new ones weren't half as detailed and elaborate, so I pushed it from my mind. But one day, when I went in and stood looking at the mirror again, I decided to ask why the design had changed and whether they would still get more in like the display one. They said no, they had changed suppliers and would never get another one in like the display. It was that one or nothing. But then, I noticed a hairline crack. And I asked if a) they'd sell me the display model (yes!) and b) would they discount it, seeing as it had the crack (yes!) so here it is, hanging proudly in all it's gorgeous detail on MY bedroom wall!! A bit of decorator's flexible caulk will cover up the crack, and I haven't done it yet - so see if you can spot it.

The little birdhouse was a £6 impulse buy - it's too pretty to hang outside, and while I didn't know where to put it when I first bought it, I knew how pretty it would look on my blue walls as soon as I'd painted them. My friend Becky gave me the little bird hanging from it - you would think the two came together, wouldn't you?

So, if you noticed the piles of books next to my chest of drawers please ignore them - I have an old bookcase that is going to get painted white and if I put the books back on now it'll never get done, because I'm just lazy like that! And, if you'd like to see Alicia Paulson's studio, click here.

Monday, 17 May 2010

I'm taking a break...

...but I guess you already figured that one out, huh?

I don't know what it is, but I haven't really felt like blogging recently. Maybe because the sun has been shining and it's lovely in England at the moment, maybe because I've been busy with all my odd jobs, but I haven't really missed it and I'm sure I'll be back into blogging when some new hobby or project tickles my fancy!

I've painted my room... it's looking very pretty, I promise I will take photos and show you once all the details are done. I bought two red glossy frames, which I've hung above my bed with a pretty little birdhouse hanging in between. I wanted photos of my kids to go in them, and was aiming for that high-key black and white look. I snapped these with half an hour to spare before dinner yesterday, and I'm thrilled. I think I have beautiful children, don't you?

Having wanted black and white shots, I'm now torn between them and the colour. They do look lovely in colour too. Mm, I guess I'll have to print them both ways and see which I prefer "in the flesh", so to speak.

I still visit all my regular blogs, sorry if I don't always comment, I am really trying to limit my time spent on the internet. See you soon ;-)

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