Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ooh la la! Look who's got a fancy new voiture!

(And just a welcome picture of my front door flower pots, I like how pretty it looks!)

I love this car! We got it on the weekend, and keep looking for excuses to go out! It is a lovely car to drive, I really feel like we did our research well and chose the right car for our family needs, and the boot space is huge - we'll have no problem fitting in all our camping gear in August! The best part is the registration number - Cav for Cavanagh!

It's really hard to describe the colour. I almost didn't look further because it was listed as "Icelandic Green" and along with red and gold, green was not a colour we thought we'd consider. But then I saw this car, the price was great, the specs were spot on, the registration was too good to be true, so I clicked on the link anyway. And then thought, actually, not only do I not think it's a bad colour, I really really like it! My husband agreed, and now it's all ours!

If you're my friend on Facebook, this shot will have more meaning to you. My status was updated to say that I think my new Cath Kidston bag looks very pretty in my new Xsara Picasso!
I'm such a girl, but I love how my bag has a special place in between the front seats, thanks to the hand brake being on the side and the gear shift mounted up on the dash. Clever French car designers. They must have been ladies with handbags ;-)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I wish you could smell these through your monitor...

I did a small favour for a friend of taking photos of her daughter and two friends on their way to their prom - and it was such a pleasure photographing such photogenic girls! As a thank you, they gave me this bunch of lilies. When I first got them, they were all still small, green buds, but now, almost two weeks later, they are mostly all open and absolutely stunning! They're larger than my hand-span, and their heady, sweet perfume greets me when I walk in to the living room, and even sitting here at my computer, I can smell them. How I wish I could share them with you, but hopefully these photos go a small way to showing you just how lovely they are.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Meet Arthur

The Arthur Dollhouse Kit

Some different colour options I found while searching the web for inspiration. I love the butter yellow one with white trim.

I have just bought this dollhouse kit on's due to arrive this week and it's going to take every ounce of resistance not to rip it open and start building it straight away! Alas, I have so many things on the go at the moment I really am going to have to wait until I have a proper block of time to work on it properly, so that I don't regret it and makes clumsy mistakes.

I had such fun renovating my daughter's old hand made house last year, but it really is a bit big and cumbersome in her room, so I think this new little house is going to fit in perfectly. It also means I can use all my grand ideas for a garden on the new house.

Just look at this one - can you believe it's done at 1:12 scale? I think the Hamilton Hamster family are going to love their new home, don't you?

Here's an interior shot of The Arthur. I'll probably keep ours a bit lighter and fresh inside, as we'll still have the Sylvanian Families in it, but you get the idea!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sweeps Festival, Rochester

We had the wonderful pleasure of spending a weekend with my husband's aunt and uncle in Rochester, which has to be one of the prettiest town's I've ever seen in England. Our visit coincided with the Sweeps Festival, so the entire town was out and about enjoying the Morris Dancers, the Chimney Sweeps' Parade, the funfair, not to mention the glorious weather!

As my husband put it, the Little Guy was in heaven - what's not to like about men dressed up in fancy dress, hitting sticks and playing music? He was very taken with the rhythm and colours of the dancers.
I'd love to revisit the High Street when it's less crowded - it had a wonderful array of boutique shops, odds and sods, charity shops and quaint village stores.

The view from the top of the Big Wheel - I nearly peed in my pants when we got to the top before starting to move - but I had to be brave for the kids who who near panicking next to me! However, once we started moving and I realised it wasn't too fast, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would've gone again and again!

A proper old fashioned Carousel - how perfect!

He was having fun, I promise!

Trying to get a shot of all of us on the Big Wheel - my arm wasn't quite long enough but you can see how much more relaxed we were at the end of it!

Ah, the stories that little pink balloon could tell us! It's replacement is still going strong, floating above her bed at night, as is the little guy's. Thanks again Aunty S, you made her day by getting a new one for her!

Can you nibble away the center bits of a pretzel so that all you have is the heart shape? My husband can, and will frequently miss out on most of the pretzels to the kids because he spends so much time trying and trying to get it right.

Aunty S getting hugs from two very tired, very worn out, but very happy kids!

My fabulous new pumps, we walked right to the end of the high street to get to the shoe shop. I wanted a black pair, but they only had my size in I love my pretty blue shoes now!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Make a Wish

I love it when all the ugly dandelion flowers have metamorphosed into soft, delicate wishing flowers. The kids love nothing more than plucking a full round flower and blowing the seeds into the wind. It's fun to see if they're telling the right time too - as dandelion clocks are supposed to do. When last did you make a wish?

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