Monday, 23 February 2009

Heart of the Flower...

My husband surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for our anniversary. It was filled with flowers in shades of green and orange, including some orange thistles! I love the cabbage flowers, and these roses seemed to glow. So, even though photographing flowers is not my thing, I couldn't resist trying to capture the heart of these two.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

My new favourite medium....

...air drying modeling clay! Or maybe this post should be titled "confessions of an internet addict".

I scour the internet, if someone references a store or site I will click away and happily spend another hour perusing said link. Such was the case when Sheye Rosemeyer mentioned the Danish company, Maileg. That was when I discovered the most darling little Christmas elves and pixies. I've yet to find a UK supplier, or even a website that speaks English to try and order one from (although at £20 a pixie I might not have done!) and so, I resorted to that very South African habit of mine, which is "If I can't afford to buy it, I'll make it!"

So, here are my little elves, unpainted, unfinished, but definitely coming to life. They're nowhere near as 'polished' as their Danish family, they're a bit shorter and squatter and without their colour you can't really compare, but here they are...

This little guy is my favourite of the lot. I modeled my one after him - I haven't made his little cube to stand on yet, I needed to let him dry first.

*ETA* A third elf joined the ranks ;-)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Happy 39th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Love is understanding how much your parents loved you by having children of your own. I think it's only until you look down at your own babies for the first time, relish in their growth and progress, delight in their discovery of the world around them, and get woken up with a squishy kiss and a warm cuddle, that you can truly understand what love really is. I love you Mom and Dad, I love how you two still kiss and cuddle after 39 years!! and I love how you always inspire me to be the best I can be, and that you are always there for me no matter how many miles separate us.

Happy Anniversary for Saturday, hope you have a lovely day! Love Me xxx

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Walk in the Woods

Just a few from our wonderful, magical walk through the woods this morning. I'm tying this in to the POTD theme Home Sweet Home. Home is where they are. It can be in Cape Town, South Africa or in Guildford, UK. It can be in a house we own, or one we rent. It can be anywhere in the world - my heart follows my children and makes its home wherever they are.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Happy Snowman

Well, as promised, here's our finished snowman! We took a walk up to the nearby store to get some basics, including a carrot or two, because I'm afraid to say we just don't always have carrots in the house! It was magical, seeing so many families out walking, I wonder why we don't walk when the weather's nice?

Snow Day!

Guess what we woke up to this morning? A foot of snow! It's a proper bonafide snow day! School's are shut, trains are only running emergency services, and the snowman population is experiencing a very high birth rate today!

Early this morning, I spotted a little robin trying to get to the feeder.

This is looking straight out the back door. We have about a 4" step down to the patio, and my ducks and potplants are completely covered. See here for a normal view.

Toby was having a blast bouncing about and playing in the snow - he did not want to come indoors!

Anybody fancy a picnic today?

Hee hee...snowman under construction - we came in for a warm up hot chocolate, he'll be finished later on!

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