Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sweeps Festival, Rochester

We had the wonderful pleasure of spending a weekend with my husband's aunt and uncle in Rochester, which has to be one of the prettiest town's I've ever seen in England. Our visit coincided with the Sweeps Festival, so the entire town was out and about enjoying the Morris Dancers, the Chimney Sweeps' Parade, the funfair, not to mention the glorious weather!

As my husband put it, the Little Guy was in heaven - what's not to like about men dressed up in fancy dress, hitting sticks and playing music? He was very taken with the rhythm and colours of the dancers.
I'd love to revisit the High Street when it's less crowded - it had a wonderful array of boutique shops, odds and sods, charity shops and quaint village stores.

The view from the top of the Big Wheel - I nearly peed in my pants when we got to the top before starting to move - but I had to be brave for the kids who who near panicking next to me! However, once we started moving and I realised it wasn't too fast, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would've gone again and again!

A proper old fashioned Carousel - how perfect!

He was having fun, I promise!

Trying to get a shot of all of us on the Big Wheel - my arm wasn't quite long enough but you can see how much more relaxed we were at the end of it!

Ah, the stories that little pink balloon could tell us! It's replacement is still going strong, floating above her bed at night, as is the little guy's. Thanks again Aunty S, you made her day by getting a new one for her!

Can you nibble away the center bits of a pretzel so that all you have is the heart shape? My husband can, and will frequently miss out on most of the pretzels to the kids because he spends so much time trying and trying to get it right.

Aunty S getting hugs from two very tired, very worn out, but very happy kids!

My fabulous new pumps, we walked right to the end of the high street to get to the shoe shop. I wanted a black pair, but they only had my size in I love my pretty blue shoes now!

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Sarah 16 May 2009 at 20:18  

Seriously cute shoes! I need new shoes!

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