Saturday, 9 August 2008

Almost ready to move out...

You know how people say you should let sleeping dogs (or cats) lie? Well, when I came across Tigger, Tilly and Toby sleeping in a row like this, I thought it made a really sweet picture, but I thought that Stripy deserved to be in it. So, after snapping this shot, Toby rolled over, making a perfect space for Stripy...Which I then transferred him into...

Only to have him wake Toby up first, and in the next moment he grabbed Tilly by the head and started kicking and scratching her. Poor thing, what a rude awakening!

Anyway, they are now six weeks old, and in a week or two we'll be saying goodbye to three of them. I am not looking forward to that moment, I knew it was coming but now that it's so close and they are sooo cute, it's going to break my heart.
We didn't weigh them last week, but I just popped them on the scale to check how much their yummy kitten food is making them grow. I thought my scale was broken when I put Toby on. I had to take him off and put him back on to see if it still read the same...

Tilly: 730g
Tigger: 800g
Stripy: 830g
Toby: 930g!!!

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Bronwyn 13 August 2008 at 08:19  

OMG! This is fabulous, how truly, truly and wonderfully adorable. This puts a smile in my heart. Thank you!

*Jennifer* 13 August 2008 at 17:15  

oh-they are so cute!

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