Friday, 22 August 2008

Dolls House

Ever since I first saw a Doll's House as a kid (it was my friend Jo's) I have wanted one. No, that's too mild a word...I have coveted one! So, can you imagine my delight when my friend offered me/my daughter theirs, as she was making room for the new baby and didn't have space for it?!
I have been saying that come summer we will get it out in the garden and strip it down to be able to re-vamp it. Well, we are making progress! I have stumbled across the Dolls House Emporium
and I can't believe this world exists! You must see the insane detail that goes into some of these houses, not to mention the expense! At least, this house is going to be a play house, my daughter has some Sylvanian Families and we will get a few more furniture sets for the if anyone wants ideas for her birthday...look here!

Unfortunately in my haste to get started I didn't think of the 'before' pictures, so this is the only shot I have.
We're going for a French Mediterranean look, kind of like the house in the Magic Roundabout.
These roof tiles are made from cereal boxes. The very clever ladies on DHE told me how to make those!

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