Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Daddy the Hero!

What do you get when you take one cute three month old kitten like our Toby...

And one 35 foot conifer tree over a 20 hour period?

A stuck up the tree kitty, that's what!!

Look closer...do you see him?

We have learned a couple of things about cat rescue in England.
1. Don't phone the fire brigade, call the RSPCA first.
2. If you're lucky enough to have an on-duty officer with their own ladder, they may come out to help. They won't climb your ladder.
3. If after 24 hours the kitten, or 48 hours for cats, has not made it's own way down, the RSPCA will give the case to the Fire Department.
4. Your best bet is to send your dear husband, who has a nine o' clock meeting at work, dressed in his smart shoes and trousers, up your neighbour's 20 foot ladder, with your Bodun bag over his shoulder, to rescue the kitten yourselves.
Of course, remember I said the tree is 35 foot tall. The ladder is 20 foot. Which means dear husband has to climb the rest of the way himself, clinging to flimsy branches that are swaying in the wind, grab the kitten, try one handed to put him into the Bodun bag, and make his way back down the tree with a wriggling, indignant passenger.

Not to be recommended and I can assure you that if that darn cat tries to pull a stunt like that again he will have to spend the rest of his days up that tree, or learn to be a squirrel. And we'll get a goldfish.

Mr T, you were a hero this morning, thank you!

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In-Focus 7 October 2008 at 20:09  

Thank goodness your husband was a good sport about it! I remember having to disconnect and remove our water heater once when one of our kittens got trapped behind it. Hubby was NOT a happy camper!

jewels 8 October 2008 at 00:24  

Ohmgosh! What a funny story, I can't believe your husband actually went up there and climbed the tree in his work clothes! What a hero! That story should go in the paper!


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