Friday, 12 June 2009


This came in the mail on Thursday.

Have you heard about Graze yet? I found out about them on Sarah's blog, where she was sharing a code to get your first box free and your second box half price. Thereafter, they go up to £2.99 a box with free delivery. You get to rate the products on their website so that you can 'bin' the items you don't like, and they'll never send you that ever, 'try' the items you're not sure about, and they're likely to send you at least one in your box, and 'love' the items you want to see lots of!
Everything about them is natural, recyclable, wholesome and delicious! The little guy and I shared the pineapple slices and goji berry salad, (I kept the hazelnuts well away from him because he's allergic) and it was really tasty! I highly recommend you try them out if you live in the UK.
Use this code :

free box code: GLLG4KBE
to get your first box free and your second one half price - if you really don't want to continue you can cancel after your second box. Mine's due on Tuesday - I can't wait to see what I'll get!
Oh, and if you do sign up, please let me know by commenting here - everytime someone uses that code, I can get £1 off a future box, or donate £1 to the Rainforrest Alliance. There's no limit to how many times the code gets used either. Happy Grazing ;-)

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