Sunday, 30 August 2009

Poppy Update

Two new poppies have opened up, they're a bit bigger than the first one and while they are the same colour, they're a darker shade and the purple is more pronounced. My sister was visiting so I used her hands to show the scale of them. Aren't they sweet?

PS Do you like how much bigger my photos are showing up? I learned a nifty trick from Rita over at Coffee Shop Actions. It involves clicking on the image to make it bigger, copying that image URL, pasting that into the html code and making the pixel dimensions bigger. It sounds complicated but it's not.

2 comments, come on, leave me some love!:

Liberty Biberty 30 August 2009 at 19:41  

The pics are beautiful! I'll have to try that enlarging trick if I can figure it out.

Mom 31 August 2009 at 08:18  

I am impressed. You have become quite the gardener. Must be all those visits to the Nurseries when you were at home.


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