Sunday, 4 October 2009

Passion Flowers!

My passion flower plant has finally flowered. Back in August I posted about my late flowers and now, just over a month later, my passion flower buds are still growing strong and one opened yesterday. The vine is covered with buds, but they are mostly quite small and I am not sure how many will reach this size before the frosts hit, but I'm happy with this exquisite flower! I took pictures. I have proof that it flowered. And of course, who's going to complain about a few more days of sunshine, and a few more flowers on the vine?

I love the story behind the flowers. I found this version on the internet.

The Passion Flower

Unusually for such a story it has a well-documented and undisputed origin. Jacomo Bosio, a scholar, lived in Rome in 1609. He was working on a treatise upon the crucifixion when an Augustinian friar of Mexican birth showed him drawings of a remarkable flower. After much prevarication (and a rather liberal interpretation of the facts) he agreed to include the drawings of the flower in his book. The symbols of the Passion of Christ were many and varied. The unique corona represented the crown of thorns. The ten sepals and petals represented the Apostles (except Judas and Peter, who both distanced themselves from Christ prior to the crucifixion). The five anthers were the five wounds on Christ’s body, and the three stigmas the nails. The leaves were the spear that pierced His side, and the tendrils the scourges that flayed His flesh.

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Liberty Biberty 9 October 2009 at 09:45  

Jo, the passion flowers are stunning and your beautiful photography is outstanding!

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