Monday, 28 September 2009

How can he be Comfortable like This?

The little guy didn't quite make it to bath time tonight. He finished his dinner, climbed onto the sofa to watch telly, and literally five minutes later was passed out like this. I'm amazed that he actually chose to lie like this - Can you imagine how stiff his neck would have been on waking? I moved him after taking this pic, I promise ;-)

And because the Arthur is changing daily, I can't not add a photo of it's progress, now can I? I've glued all the exterior window frames on, and wood-filled the gaps between the arch and vertical pieces, as well as the inside edge, so that the layers of the house and siding aren't visible. I need to sand them down and give them another coat of paint, and decide on the shutters. I'm not sure I want to use the supplied shutters - they're decorative, and not an accurate fit. I might try making my own French Country charm ones, with little heart cut-outs? We'll see.

And a close up, just for fun!

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Susanna 4 October 2009 at 15:49  

Arthur is simply glowing!
I love how it looks :)

Mazza 9 October 2009 at 15:03  

Liam looks so cute!

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