Wednesday, 28 January 2009

What the...?

So you know how they say it's physically impossible to lick your own elbow?

We saw it on CBBC, you know, on one of those funny shows that tells you all sorts of useless information? Like, a two year old's height is half their predicted full grown adult height.
Take a piece of string three times round your head and that will be as long as your height. Your foot will fit in the space between your wrist and your elbow. And yeah, it's physically impossible to lick your own elbow. (Yes, I've tried it. Go on...I know you're going to...)

Well, someone forgot to tell my kid that. I guess it's like according to the rules of aerodynamics, a bumble bee is too heavy for it's wings and shouldn't be able to fly, but nobody told it that, so it flies. She licks her elbows. Funny kid!

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