Monday, 13 July 2009

The Power of Peas!

After finding my Arthur dollhouse on Ebay, I did a bit of research into how I wanted to do it up, and decided that clapboard siding was a must. I love the look it gives a house, and in my opinion takes it from being a dollhouse to a real house in miniature.

Unfortunately though, the only UK supplier had discontinued the siding and had no stock left at all, so my only option was to order it directly from Greeenleaf in America. I needed 4 bags of siding : $20. Shipping fees? $80!!

There went that idea.

Until I put a request on the TwoPeas forum that I'm a member(addict) of. I find it difficult to explain to real life friends how great my Pea friends are. We're a bunch of old regulars who inspire each other, advise, share, laugh with, pray for, care for and help each other. Just like a real friend would. I had two offers for help within a day of posting my request - one from someone who was willing to have the siding shipped to her from Greenleaf, and then using regular USPS to ship it to me. And then Farrah, who offered for her husband to bring it over to England when he visited his folks, thereby saving me the shipping charges completely!

Now Farrah's expecting a baby, but she doesn't know what it is, so I went in searched of a little non-gender specific something to thank her for her help and generosity, and I found these darling little peas in a pod. Aren't they the sweetest? Farrah has decided that her kids aren't getting anywhere near HER peas, and personally, I don't blame her...I almost wanted to keep them for myself!

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Liberty Biberty 13 July 2009 at 22:38  

Absolutely fantastic to be able to save on the shipping costs, which always put everything out of my reach.
Those peas are the cutest things!

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