Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Furbabies

Three posts in one day! Just a quick update on the kittens. It looks like three boys and one girl, the tortoiseshell being the girl. She's the one we want to keep, so now we're trying to think of a name for her. The mum was almost going to be called Flicker, until my daughter asked if we could call her Rosie, instead. Being her cat, I let her change the name, so now I am leaning towards calling her kitten Flicker. My husband likes Fudge. Their umbilical cords have dropped off, their eyes aren't open yet, but it should be any day now. They are getting quite vocal, and they are becoming quite the little fighters, when it comes to getting in each others way of their milk! In the top picture, they are actually lying in their birth order. Closer inspection of the photos I took shows tabby-white-socks was first, then the black-and-white, then all-tabby, then the tortoise-shell. Oh they are sweet things!

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humanobserver 1 July 2008 at 11:14  

Nice Composition....Actually i liked u r blog name very much....

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