Thursday, 28 January 2010

Back on Track

The irony hasn't escaped me that most of my followers started following my blog because of my dollhouse. And it's been simply ages since I started building it, and things had completely ground to a halt and I've submitted you all to the boring ordinary things that occupy my mind. Well, guess what? I'm back on track!

I was going to show you this picture as a "look how much I got done today" update.

But actually, look how much I got done today!! I painted and sanded the stairs and skirting boards. I glued the floorboards down, and varnished them. And then I bravely cut some of the beautiful wallpaper Mercedes sent me and papered the walls too! I need to give the floor another coat, then I can glue the skirting boards and stairs. Unfortunately, the stairs don't sit completely level and I cannot figure out how to drop them on the left. You can only really see it if you look at them straight on, so it's not the end of the world, but I wish they were level.

And just look at the state of that dining table! I need it for a mini photo shoot on Saturday, I'd better get it tidied up tomorrow, lol.

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Lynne 28 January 2010 at 20:18  

It's looking goooood!

DollMum 28 January 2010 at 21:06  

Great progress. The Greenleaf kits are like that for the stairs. I actually completely rebuilt my stairs out of solid strips of wood because I wasn't satisfied with the mushy ply.

I just need to get my Greenleaf out of storage to continue the work.

Kim 28 January 2010 at 21:09  

It looks fab!!! I actually like blogs that stray off topic- makes me feel like I know the "person" behind the blog a bit better :)

Kathi 29 January 2010 at 01:15  

Hey! You DO have a dollhouse! LOL
You are making great progress! I sure wish I knew how to wire mine for lights. Can't wait to see more of your work. :)

Wee Cute Treasures 31 January 2010 at 00:30  

Hi Jo, Glad to see the progress and she's looking good! I am still waiting for the windows for my own little dolls house, and your newest entry is making me so impatient!!!! Talk soon, Carol x

Liberty Biberty 2 February 2010 at 08:52  

Wooohooo!! The wallpaper looks GREAT! It always makes a huge difference to get some wallpaper up, just like in a real house!
It's such a cute house.
Keep up the fabulous work!

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