Friday, 8 January 2010

Fun in the Sun, uh, I mean, snow!

This morning, I decided to try heading out for supplies. We have no bread, and while we're okay for milk, I thought I'd get some more ahead of this weekend's new heavy snowfall. I tried going up the hill to our local Tesco, but couldn't get up. So I swung around and went back down, and then couldn't stop at the bottom. Thank goodness for snow drifts to stop in! So we made our way very slowly to the little Co-Op, got there fine, but no bread, no milk and no delivery's scheduled this weekend at all. If our milkman doesn't make it through in the morning we'll have to head further afield in search of some supplies. How much snow are we still in for this weekend? Yikes!

Yesterday's snow fun. I had a look on Ebay at sledges. The plastic ones are currently going for £30-odd, the wooden ones anything from £40 to £70! We really need to get one, and after playing with this one of our neighbours, I think wood is really the way to go.

Trust Liam to act like a monkey!

Aw, sweet!

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Abi 8 January 2010 at 15:34  

Hi, I love checking out your blog ever since i saw you on the SI design team! looks like you have been having fun in the snow and hope you get supplies soon! Your pics are fab by the way! Thanks for sharing. Abi xx

DollMum 8 January 2010 at 23:07  

What fun they are having in the snow. Hope you get food soon, I've heard of panic buying depleting shelves in Tescos.

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